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How it works

How it works

🏃Run / walk at any time on a treadmill, outside, by yourself, or with friends.

⌚️ Submit your time between April 14th and April 23rd to be eligible for awards and prizes!

📱 If you have a GPS watch or a smartphone tracking app, use that to track your run or walk and send us a link to your activity when you submit your results. If you don't have one of those, don't worry -- your time will still count.

Happy Earth Day!

Most Recent Finishers

Runner Location Finish Time Activity
1 Jill Thrash Chattanooga, TN 51:05 5K
2 Julianna C.K. Griffin WA 3:42:02 Half Marathon
3 Heather Lakmann Redding, CA 40:21 5K
4 Ruby Nelms Tampa, FL 1:31:00 10K
5 Ryann McKay NC 27:15 5K
6 Heather Cathers Richmond, VA 1:01:06 5K
7 Erica Melrose Weldon Spring, MO 58:16 5K
8 Sonya McGee Highlands Ranch, CO 42:00 5K
9 Melissa Lundmark Forest Lake, MN 1:07:27 10K
10 Colleen Mullen US 1:11:05 5K

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Fastest Times - 5K Female

Runner Location Finish Time
1 Gina Martin Athens, NY 14:53
2 Kristie Cranford Henderson, NV 20:28
3 Trinity Pape Redmond, WA 25:53

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Fastest Times - 5K Male

Runner Location Finish Time
1 Frank Pape Redmond, WA 18:58
2 Craig Halverson Council Bluffs, IA 19:49
3 Nathan Ste Croix HONOLULU, HI 22:31

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Fastest Times - 10K Female

Runner Location Finish Time
1 Jacque Sebek Oswego, IL 57:23
2 Samantha Dean Edmonton, AB 57:25
3 Leah Kays Portland, OR 58:03

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Fastest Times - 10K Male

Runner Location Finish Time
1 Andrew Burris Edmonton, AB 57:25
2 Joseph Sappington Farmington, CT 1:04:21

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Fastest Times - Half Marathon Female

Runner Location Finish Time
1 Pearl Esquibel Fredericksburg, VA 1:52:34
2 Amber Reece-Young Asheville, US 2:00:07
3 Mary Kaye Bailey US 2:11:00

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Fastest Times - Half Marathon Male

Runner Location Finish Time
1 Jim Clemens Madison, AL 1:37:07
2 Eric Lynn Kirkland, WA 1:59:00
3 David Sarton Hattiesburg, MS 3:05:46

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You can report your results at any time from April 14th through April 23rd.

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